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Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2010 @ 7:54 pm

I had my annual review today, and I received a 10% raise - more than anyone else at the company. The reality is that they hired me at the lower end of the pay scale because I had no proof of competency. Working as a carriage driver, landfill attendant, laboratory slave... these things don't exactly sound like someone with an aptitude for technical writing and design drafting. So, they hired me low, and now they encourage me to sign off as a B.Sc. with compensation as such. A tech with more. is what they call me. And so begins my career.

We went hot tubbing at a friend's house last night. Minus twenty, my hair frozen on top, dripping below. Bikini on and snow boots to my knees. The night is bright with powder snow, my back and shoulders relax. I didn't know how much tension I was carrying until it all let go.

The house is a mess. Daniel and I are both working long hours. Deadlines loom. Flying to Vernon again in two weeks. Two weeks off at Christmas.

In the darkness, I sweep snow from the car. I shovel the light dusting of powder off the driveway. In these small moments, I feel alive and aware.

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