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Sunday, Dec. 12, 2010 @ 12:35 pm

Hi, would you like to come visit my home? It's a grey winter day, and the house is mostly tidied. There are still some renovations in progress, but that's also kind of fun to see too, right? OK, come on over!

Here's what you see walking through the neighbourhood. It's pretty nice for Prince George; it's the mayor's neighbourhood! We've got a decent amount of snow right now, and about 2cm fell last night, freshening everything up a bit. We've been plowed twice this year so far.

Ahh there is is: Shannon's Home! She must have just finished shoveling the driveway! Is that an orange kitty in the window? I think so! Oh, that dark blue front door - did Daniel do that? Very nice!

OK, take off your shoes and say hello to the kitties. Don't mind the kitchen - that's a work in progress.

OK, lets get this beast over with. I know that it's what you're wanting to scope out first. Where are the cupboard doors? Yeah... that's a project. They used to be the dreaded golden oak, soon to be a fresh clean white. Ooooh, look, that's a nice brand new faucet and sink... and fake granite counter top! How modern! White appliances? Very practical. You can never get those fingerprints off of the trendy stainless appliances. Oooh, are those some freshly baked lemon poppy seed muffins? I might just try one of those...

OK, moving on. Were you guys working on a puzzle on a Saturday night? How cozy and geeky! I love it! Lovely oak floors... I can see why you got rid of the oak in the kitchen. Talk about oak overload.

Alright, let's sit down for a minute. Gosh, you guys sure have a lot of Ikea furniture.

Let's check out the bedrooms. Hey, what a great sock-sliding run! I spy an aboriginal sand painting from the Grand Canyon. You tourists!!

Aww, the first bedroom, wouldn't this make a cute nursery? Hahahahahaha

The master bathroom, I assume. Sorry guys, this needs some work. What's with the grey toilet? How 1988!! You know what would be really great? A window on that back wall...

Oh, this is your bedroom. It's very zen, but you really should water that plant that's on top of the wardrobe. Didn't this room used to have pink carpet, purple walls, sheer curtains, and a brass light fixture? Nice work!

The craft room and excess furniture dumping area. I can imagine bunk beds against that wall, eh? Nudge nudge nudge!!

Alright, the rec room! Frick, you know Shannon, people in Vancouver can't afford all of this space. You really should be renting this space to a half dozen international students.

This look like the Den, a.k.a. Daniel's exploding school bag. What's with the giant display cabinet? This looks like more excess furniture dumping.

Ahh, this must be where guests stay. Very nice, but there is really quite a lot of cat hair on that duvet...

But I won't complain because this is a pretty nice basement guest bathroom. Clean and functional. I wouldn't bother doing anything to this one.

And we end the tour at the storage room of doom. Have a look around the corner. Hahahahahahaha.

OK, that was fun, now let's go pour a drink, put on some music, and finish that damn puzzle!

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