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Tuesday, Feb. 08, 2011 @ 10:06 pm
Friendship Star


You know, I really despise the term 'quilting'. There's something about it makes me cringe. When asked, I will say, "Oh, I'm just working on some sewing."

But then I find that I am the kind of person who takes photos of their cat inspecting their handiwork. This is just the sort of thing that someone who defines themselves as a Quilter would do.

So, yup, here is is, my first quilt of a substantial size. Ironically, the pattern is called the Friendship Star. It's full of flaws - some to do with inexperience and some to do with the recent friend drama. Sewing - ahem, quilting - requires precise measuring and cutting, precise alignments, and diligent attention to detail. I now have a much greater respect for quilters, and I still do not wish to call myself one, but now because of a kind of reverence rather than derision.

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