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Tuesday, Aug. 09, 2011 @ 9:47 pm
Summer Field Work

I'm up 200 km north of town inspecting septic systems on a reserve. Every septic system on the reserve. I hired a labourer to help me. It's a strange situation. I don't like being the white boss from the rich consultant.

I'm staying in Mackenzie alone. Lots of other contractors in the hotel - practically every vehicle out back is a logo'd work truck. The guys always kind of nod politely at me. Wandering the mediocre grocery store with others in hi vis vests, trying to find something to make for dinner. An odd sense of belonging. Perfume of DEET and sunscreen. I clomp out to my truck in my 1994 short jean shorts and unlaced steel toed boots, I can't even meet the dude's eyes who hold the door open for me - I forgot to bring street shoes.

Moths swarm the neon lights of the trucker's diner across the street. Idling diesel truck like a rattling air conditioner. The world is large and small up here.

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