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Monday, Nov. 14, 2011 @ 1:56 pm

I am miserable.

Minus six degrees, crusty slush, bleak. Can't run, can't ski, can't hardly walk.

Drive eight hours to wedding, spend all previous weekend making presents by hand, and my friend hasn't yet called to thank me or see if I made it home OK.

Visit the city, eight hundered kilometers away, and my sister would rather drink with her friends who she sees all of the time than meet up with me for a couple of hours.

Fight with D. He yells at me, "You know why I haven't proposed to you yet? It's because _____."

Sit in cubicle at work. Freezing cold draft. Nobody talks to me. Feels like highschool, I sneak in and out at lunch so that I don't have to eat alone in the boardroom.

Constantly cleaning the house. Make chore list to help divide tasks more evenly. I do my half. Two weeks later his half remain unfinished.

Pathfinder had starter replaced. Needs timing belt done. Honda has a headlight out. Furnace needed servicing. Cracked heat exchanger, probably need replacement soon. Thermostat is on its way out.

D can't pay half of anything, hasn't contributed for well over a year. I don't have much left after paying for two cars, mortgage, food, bills: everything.

Alf has had diarrhea since Thursday. Probably should take him to the vet.

Think I've put on some weight. Maybe existing fat has moved around? Don't particularly care, but it makes my clothes fit wrong.

No doctors in town. Need CF test done. Way overdue for pap. Tired of fighting for a spot in the system, lining up at the only clinic with coughing toddlers from low income families.

Having trouble finding humour/irony in this.

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