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Monday, Jan. 30, 2012 @ 3:10 pm

My cousin's son has cystic fibrosis. Because there is no history of cystic fibrosis in my family, it took years for doctors to diagnose the perpetual pneumonia and general malaise that affected the little guy. Several of us, including his own grandmother, attributed the problems to either poor nutrition or an allergy to the dog. Christ, why are we all so critical? I wish it had been only asthma.

Several of my relatives have been tested, and I've charted out the carriers on a family tree. Despite my sister's results being negative, a chance still exists that I could be positive.

I had blood taken ten days ago, so today I called my 'temporary' doctor to see if the results had arrived. She put me on hold for quite some time, and I became increasingly nervous to the point where my hands were shaking.

The implications of a positive result are not dire. It's only when the potential father of my potential children also happens to be a carrier that things start to get risky. The idea of a positive result is frightening, though, because IF I am positive, and IF Daniel is positive, then our having children together becomes infinitely more complicated. I don't entirely know what the process would be, but there would have to be something along the lines of testing the embryo/fetus and discussions of terminating a +/+ baby, or maybe selective implantation of non-+/+ embryos, or ???

Of course, this is all dependent on the idea that I do decide to have kids, and that Daniel wants to be the father of those kids. If everything goes to hell, and I end up looking for a new father-of-my-children, and I am positive, then blood testing would have to happen at an early stage in the relationship. I can see it now: 30-Something atheletic brunette, 5'6" seeks professional male 30-40 with a passion for the outdoors, music, politics, and cooking. Must not be a CF carrier.


Anyhow, the results aren't in yet.

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