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Monday, Mar. 26, 2012 @ 10:41 am

Soooo... the weekend!

Had some friends visit - our old landlords from Coquitlam who also moved north. Pretty frustrating visit. Summary:

-texted us to tell us they were coming
-gave less than 24 hrs notice
-arrived with huge untrained ranch dog
-arrived with puppy that they adopted from SPCA that afternoon
-did not bring any dog accessories such as crates or bones
-two boys were filthy - muddy and greasy
-both boys were extremely grumpy
-both boys (unvaccinated) had bad coughs that were possibly whooping cough
-boy barfed on floor from coughing so hard
-dog peed on the kitchen floor (see: adopted earlier that day)
-dog pooped on the laminate guest room floor (see: adopted earlier that day)
-boy jumped on couch, knocking D's wine glass, spilling a huge amount of red wine on Daniel's brand new primarly white dress shirt.
-wine also landed on living room rug (wool, white)
-greasy muddy hand prints on my white ensuite bathroom towels (I purposely put brown towels in the guest bathroom...)
-kids jumping on couch and bed, no discipline from parents
-kids throwing balls in the house, no discipline from parents
-kids stayed up until 11pm
-adults did not stay up to socialize once kids went to bed
-ranch dog pooped in back yard, they did not pick it up
-ranch dog barking in middle of night
-ranch dog spread mulch from the garden all over the walkway
-rice and oatmeal spread all over and under table and chairs
-puppy chewed houseplant
-puppy chewed wooden handle of plunger
-Alf massively stressed out
-Daniel massively stressed out
-Me massively stressed out
-once they left in the morning, I spent four hours straight cleaning and sanitizing the house.

Frick!! We are NOT family, and we are NOT a hotel. Next time they come thru town, we are locking the front door and taking a spontaneous trip to Jasper.

Anyhow, I had a wonderful Sunday. Baked a pie and two loaves of pumpkin bread. Went for a nice long classic ski through the forest. Had a shower with sun streaming in on my face. Read a book. Discovered that mason jars fit on my blender. Made hamburger buns. Made halibut patties. Made salad. Drank a glass of wine with D. Went for a nighttime walk with D through the subdivision.

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