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Wednesday, Jun. 27, 2012 @ 3:32 pm
Day 7

Day seven of twenty. I run every day, staring at the patterns in the plywood wall. Rain falls through the nights and humid air washes over my face as I sleep. I rise each day at 5:40 sharp - fresh and awake and energetic.

I overcame my fear of two contractors. Now, when either of them enters the office, they come to me, even when a senior tech is sitting in the supervisor chair. I'm proud of that - of proving to them not only that I am capable, but that I am more reliable than the others. I do what I say I will do, and I do it on time. This is no small feat on a site such as this.

Seventeen days from now we will be driving south together in a moving truck.

Three years and two weeks of living near the geographic centre of the province.

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