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Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2012 @ 11:38 am

You know when you plant a seed of an idea and then it kind of takes off by itself?

We are moving? Again? Already?

I'm not going to tell you how much we're going to be paying in rent - it is gut wrenching.

Some friends heard that we wanted to be living closer into town. They had a friend who was going to be renting out their condo. They put us in touch. We viewed the place and liked it. They offered it to us this morning. They will allow us to keep Alf.


I'm giving up my ferny patio space. I'm giving up Alf's outdoor freedom. I'm giving up my window-over-the-kitchen-sink. I'm giving up my spacious kitchen. I'm giving up...

I'm gaining seawall Sunday runs. I'm gaining weeknight trips to the beach. I'm gaining a cycle commute. I'm gaining camping gear storage. I'm gaining a closer walk to groceries. I'm gaining no-more-carpets. I'm gaining coffee dates with my sister. I'm gaining 1 hr of my day no longer lost to commuting. I'm gaining a vibrant neighbourhood.

We have to break our lease. Daniel is going to deal with that. That worries me more than anything else.

And then the packing begins. 2500 square feet into 1050 square feet and now into 800 square feet.

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