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Thursday, Mar. 07, 2013 @ 10:57 am
Brain Dump

Some things:

1. A guy asked me for my number in London Drugs the other night. I am 85% sure that he was sane. That's never happened before, ever.

2. A guy asked me for my number on Instagram. I am 100% sure that he is sane. I didn't realize that Instagram was the new internet hookup site.

3. My sister hesitantly admitted to me that she made out with a guy from my highschool grad class last summer at some wild ranch party. She was all afriad that I'd be upset. She softened me up by saying that he said nice things about me. I braced myself, and then she blurted out his name. I laughed soooo hard. He was a jock, his father a local TV sportscaster. I'm more insulted that she thought I'd be jealous.

4. I've been to Ikea five times now, trying to make the new condo work. We're still one or two trips away from being finished.

5. I've been running at least four times a week now, usually for about 5km. I took off early from work on Monday because it was sunny (this is valid grounds to leave work early in Vancouver) and went for a run around False Creek. I impressed myself by pulling of 10km in 51:30. I had to stop at three traffic lights, so I'm pretty sure that I could do it in under 50 mins in ideal conditions.

6. I posted on June 7th of last year that I needed to get in shape for Cuba. That was NINE months ago? What the heck? Where has the time gone? All I've done since then is pack, sell furniture on Craigslist, move, unpack, get organized, repack, sell more furniture on Craigslist, move, unpack, and get organized. Seriously? Nine months? Aerobically, I'm in the best shape of my life. Weightwise, I've lost a little bit. I guess it's fine. My pale Northern skin hasn't seen sun in over seven years, so I should probably worry more about that than comparing myself with D's endomorph sisters.

7. Went to D's sister's bridal shower last weekend. I totally offended the host lady. She's so caught up in image and their 5000 square foot suburban mansion. Anyhow, I commented that their flooring was the same as we had in the house in PG. She asked if that was a good thing, and I hesistated and said something that didn't quite come out right. Anyhow, she thinks I hate her flooring. I do think her powder room, which is roughly the size of my kitchen, is hideous, so there. I watched her sneer as she placed my lemon squares, which were admittedly a total disaster, onto a platter. The rest of the shower was uneventful. There was some pretty decent acting when she opened the 4 gallon beverage dispenser complete with chilling cylinder.

8. I've been following the so-called Curly Girl method on my hair for six months, and it's totally changed how I feel about my hair. I now have this effortless beach curl. I've recieved compliments from two girls who I consider to be out of my league in terms of fashion/beauty. I can talk at length about this and the science behind it. It's a little scary.

OK, I think that's it for now. I need to put down these positive things so that when I'm having a crappy day I can read back and remember my achievements and things that make me smile.

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