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Thursday, May. 16, 2013 @ 1:35 pm
All directions

Oh friggin' hell. Interview yesterday went pretty well. I have a feeling about it, like they might offer me the job. Don't want to jinx it, but... well... my intuition says they will.


But I just found out that if I stay here that I'll be put onto two awesome jobs for the rest of the year. One involves field work up in the gorgeous mountains behind Pemberton, and the other involves an extended trip to Bathurst Inlet. That's in Nunavut. Pretty much straddling the Arctic Circle. Pretty much the top of the world. I'd be there in August and September, the tundra humming with life.

How come everything happens at the same time? I said I wanted to go in all directions at the same time, but this isn't what I meant.

Breathe. They haven't offered me the job yet, maybe there are no decisions to be made.


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