Rooted, I used to think.

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Wednesday, Jul. 17, 2013 @ 9:35 am

And yesterday is not to say that difficult things aren't happening. When things are good, though, it's easier to deal with the bad.

D's grandfather. Esteemed executive, former vice president of our province's railway crown corporation. Never seen without polished shoes and an ironed crease down the length of his trousers. Larger than life. Proud, hard working man. But now, later, his brain erodes. The police in New West find him wandering in the night, dressed in ladie's capris, confused and scared. He wandered into the homeless shelter and someone, thank god, someone did the right thing. Bless the shelter a thousand times, bless the patience of that police officer. Bless the community that takes care of its elders.

Meanwhile, his daughter, my aunt-in-law, wanders the street in tears, searching for her father. Desparate, panicked, and alone. Her daughter in hospital suffering from post-partum depression. Her husband diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer. And now, she misplaced her father.

In the aftermath, we sit in the shade of a backyard magnolia and discuss the lessons learned. Hummingbirds fly in and out around us. The lawn verdant and lush. Corn roasting on the BBQ. So rich we are, in this life, and, for the moment, lucky to still be together. Alive, safe, and whole.

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