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Friday, Aug. 01, 2014 @ 9:10 am

The next two months are going to be crazy.busy.

Last weekend I was on the Sunshine Coast with an old friend at her family's cabin. We leave this weekend for a backpacking trip in the Rockies, followed by car camping in Banff, and then a few days with my relatives in Kelowna. The next weekend we're supposed to be hiking with a group in Whistler. The next weekend is a group overnighter hike up Golden Ears. The next weekend is the long weekend and we're going back up to the Okanagan to visit D's relatives. The next weekend is a group camping trip at Harrison Lake. The next weekend is a work retreat in Jasper. And then the next weekend I am going to be in Edmonton for a stormwater modelling workshop. And then the next weekend is a group hike on the Howe Sound Crest Trail. One weekend break, and then it's Thanksgiving in Whistler with D's parents. Seriously!!! This means that I have every weekend between now and mid-October booked up.

Ridiculous and fun.

I don't really know how this happened. Europe was supposed to be all of our holidays for the year, and I'm looking at somewhere around 24 nights out of town for the next two months.

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