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Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2017 @ 9:53 am
Revy - Month #2

"What are you here about?" asks the doctor.

My menstrual cycle is wonky - I have an overly long follicular phase and a short luteal phase.

"How do you know this?"

I chart my cycle - basal body temperature and mucus.

"Is this short luteal phase causing you a problem? Is it impacting your health?"

Uhh... no... the short luteal phase is the SYMPTOM of some other problem.

She sits there, blinks.

"Well, the only thing that I can do for you is prescribe hormones to fix your cycle."


"Can you tell me what the flow is going to be at the lift station?"

No. I wasn't involved in the modelling. I'd have to read through all of the reports and memos.

"Oh. Well, can you do that for me?"


I am walking across the street.

Next thing I know, I'm down on my back and my head is slamming against the ground.

My toque skitters across to the gutter.

A man saunters down the block.

The back of my head feels cold all afternoon, at that spot where it hit the ice.


I meet the City's CAO in front of the liquor store. He shakes my hand warmly. I want to work for him.

I meet the City's eng tech at the Christmas party. I want to work with him.


I shovel powder from the driveway, the front walk. Shovel, toss, shovel, toss.

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