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Wednesday, Jan. 02, 2019 @ 2:59 pm
Lady Bits Part II

I have a larger update in the making, but something unrelated happened that warrants its own update.

Remember when my friend showed me photos of her LADY BITS!!??

She messaged me the other day wondering where I was and if she'd somehow offended me.

I sat on the message for nearly a week, trying to decide how to respond. I absolutely had 'ghosted' on her and felt poorly about how I've been dealing with the situation.

I finally responded. The gist of my response was that I'd felt distanced from the relationship for some time due to her apparent lack of interest in my life, and that my absence was not due to the x-rated photos, although mentioned that I'd wished that she'd asked if I'd wanted to see them before showing them to me.

It's hard to tell someone that they constantly talk about themselves and never ask about you. All of the various wordings come across as selfish complaints. I gave up trying to perfectly wordsmith the response.

"Why did it take over a year for you to bring up the fact that you didn't want to see the photos?" she asks.

"It's not about the photos. Like I said, I haven't had the energy to put towards a relationship that I find unfulfilling. I need to feel like a part of the conversation."

I feel like a jerk. Selfish. Mean. She didn't intend to alienate me, but I took a risk on being honest.

I kind of want feedback but am afraid that I was too harsh. I guess it's done now. So, what would you do?

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