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Sunday, Feb. 17, 2019 @ 2:43 pm
Into the Wild Thing

I emerge from the house late in the day and head for the yoga studio.

I walk in the door to three familiar faces. I'm glad to be here. It was the right thing to do, to get out of the house.

The class is only half full; yoga is not the top of mind activity for a Saturday night.

It's a flow class, with the teacher who held us in the three-minute downward dog that had me collapse into heaving sobs.

I feel light in the class. Strong. Graceful. I play with the poses, and the music works with my mood: Eddie Vedder.

She turns us into wild thing, and I am warm and open and it feels amazing. My free arm is outstretched, my hand falling open towards the floor in my interpretation of grace.

The teacher walks past me.

Her fingers graze along from my inner elbow and then out lightly along the length of my forearm.

The universe of stars expands within me.

In that moment, I felt utterly beautiful.

All of my strength, my courage, my grace. Bundled and unleashed in this pose.

Her hand lazily tracing the arc of my energy.

An exquisite recognition.

Thank you.


Later, in the change room, Jamie asks me how I'm doing.

"Well, it's been rough. Daniel and I are separating."

We talk for a bit. She asks a few questions, listens to my explanation. We move out into the entrance and are pulling on our boots.

"You know what?" she says, "I think that 'congratulations' is the correct sentiment!"

I look at her. Her mop of dark hair. Her five-foot-nothing frame. Her bright eyes. My god. Jamie. You are so right. I break into a smile.

"Thank you."

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