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Monday, May. 27, 2019 @ 11:54 pm
Swim #7

A man runs into the ocean. He’s tall and lanky, overgrown limbs like a teenager, though clearly an adult. Tattoos over his pale skin, a charming smile, large hands. Shorts that are falling from his waist and end below his knees.

“Goddamn!” he exclaims while lumbering around in the calm water.

I quietly continue swimming, lazy strokes towards the shore, casually edging away from him.

He notices me.

“Hey sister! Where are you going? Don’t swim away from me!”

I turn to look at him. I glance towards the lifeguards, who are both watching. I stop swimming away from him and banter back for a while. My sense is that he’s harmless yet that it’s best to keep some distance. He carries on to deeper water, and I make towards shore.

I walk towards my towel and then there he is again, right in front of me. He’s all gangly with unharnessed strength.

“You! You mermaid. You destroy me. What’s your name?” (Is he trying to pick me up?)

“Shannon.” (Shit. What the frick? Your real name? You idiot.)

“I’m Sheldon. Whoa! Same same!” He staggers to the right. “Come with me back into the water! Third beach, right? It’s sooo great!”

He runs off into the water and gestures back at me.

I sit down on my towel and pull out my phone.

Russell? Want to meet to watch the sunset?

I was just about to ask you the same thing.

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