Rooted, I used to think.

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Thursday, Nov. 07, 2019 @ 1:48 pm

The heavy half-moon hangs in the exposed patch of black sky between the apartment buildings. Moonlight floods the bedroom, washing over his skin, over my skin. Shadows across the sheets and pillows.

Where my body ends, his begins.

In this light, I feel beautiful. Everything feels beautiful. This sacred space that exists between us.

We make plans for Christmas. We climb at the gym. We cook together.

The way that he says good morning and smiles sleepily at me. The way that he looks at me when he doesn’t think that I am paying attention. His fingertips across my collarbones.

Sometimes, I go home alone. I don’t want to leave him but then I’m happy for the space. My own cozy, simple, nest in the sky. The leaves turned yellow and then fallen from the tree outside my window, letting in even more light. The morning mist that rolls in from the ocean through the neighbourhood. Practicing turns in the living room, seeing my reflection in the glass windows that face across the entire wall. The curves of my body; the strength of my limbs. I am nearly graceful.

Cultivate your own secret garden.

And so I write and read and dance up here in the sky.

“I hope that he knows how lucky he is,” Danielle tells me. “You are a gem, the salt of the earth. A rare find. I knew you met someone as soon as I saw you; you are radiant."

I relay this to him.

“You are radiant,” he responds simply.

And I want to tell him that all of my radiance is actually a reflection of his love.

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