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Thursday, Jul. 23, 2020 @ 4:32 pm
My Time with You

I love every second of my time with you.

The days and adventures blurr together.

We take weekdays off to climb. My shoulders become evenly brown. I glance at myself in a mirror and see that my hair has summer light streaks and has grown down below my elbows in loose, tangled waves.

Russell joins me on a kayaking trip up the inlet with Chris and two other of his friends. There are moments that I am so happy, doing exactly what I want to be doing with my favourite people. I dive into a cold pool located at the base of a waterfall. Seals rise from the ocean and peer at me as I paddle through the calm morning water. Huge translucent jellyfish hover below the surface.

One afternoon, we dance together on a point of land. An osprey fishes offshore. Boats cruise past the campground. Chris sees us. Others watch us. We are complimented as we walk back through the myriad of tents and hammocks, hand-in-hand.

And more climbing. We work our way up the apron of the Chief in a variety of ways. Hand cracks, finger cracks, slick unprotected slabs. Rappelling down vertical granite faces towards the forest below.

Slipping off my clothes and swimming in lakes, the ocean. Making love over and over. Kissing in a way that still makes my heart race.

I read his message again:

I love every second of my time with you.

And I have to agree.

But further, I love every second of my time. Period.

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