Rooted, I used to think.

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Chris/Grief - Tuesday, Jun. 15, 2021
Grocery Shopping - Monday, Jun. 14, 2021
Comfortable - Monday, May. 31, 2021
Fractured - Monday, May. 17, 2021
Rhubarb - Monday, May. 10, 2021

Thursday, May. 06, 2021 @ 12:49 pm

After work, we climb. Cycling there and back. Chalk on my pants and my tank top.

Home, shower, and I put on a dress. Make myself a margarita.

The sun is setting. I put on a song that I have been listening to on repeat.

The lighting in the living room is dim. Freighter lights punctuate the inky harbour. I am happy. I turn up the volume on the stereo and sing and dance and feel free and utterly myself.

I look over at the couch. He is watching me.

He has heart eyes.

“You’re so cute,” he says. “And I can’t wait to take you dancing again.”

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