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Cox Bay - Wednesday, Aug. 18, 2021
House Guests - Friday, Aug. 13, 2021
Mid-Summer Heat - Tuesday, Aug. 03, 2021
Confidence - Thursday, Jul. 29, 2021
Sam Lake - Monday, Jul. 26, 2021

Wednesday, Jul. 21, 2021 @ 12:22 pm
Summer Trip #1

Part I

Day 1 - Evening ferry to Nanaimo. Visit with A & S and the kids. Sleep in the van on their driveway.

Day 2 - Morning sport climbing on a crag in Lantzville. Drive to Campbell River in the afternoon. Check into the campground. Afternoon nap. Evening drinks around a campfire with B, K, L, Z and the grandparents.

Day 3 - Day trip to Hornby Island with K & B. Paddle out along sandstone bluffs. Paddle to the naturalist beach. Afternoon on the beach at Tribune Bay. Ferry back to the campground in time for an evening with the group around the campfire.

Day 4 - Big group beach day. A & S and the kids arrive for a visit.

Day 5 - Check out of the campground. Nature walk at Oyster River. Afternoon ferry. Attend my summer family BBQ in North Van.


Day 6 - Work in office. Cycle home. Friends arrive for happy hour on our balcony, and then we walk to a local restaurant to celebrate A’s new job.

Part II

Day 7 - Drive to Merrit. Mountain bike through sagebrush rangelands. Drive to Penticton. Meet friends at a winery for wine tasting. Drive to the campground and setup. Visit with the group (S, A, G, M, B, A + 3 kids) over food and drinks at the campground.

Day 8 - Early morning climbing at Skaha Bluffs. Meet group for wine tasting at noon. Lunch in town. Lake swim and reading on the beach. Return to the campground for dinner and more visiting with the group.

Day 9 - Climbing with G, B, and A and Skaha Bluffs. I lead a hard route and set up a top rope. I feel proud of my climbing and am stoked to give others the opportunity to try out the route. Drive to Oliver. Wine tastings with the group at two different wineries. Drive to Kelowna. Find parking for the van and arrive in the hotel where my aunt and uncle stay. Late night drinks and visiting on the deck overlooking the lake.

Day 10 - Drive to Jasper. Check into the campground. Walk over to S & I’s site and visit with them over drinks and a campfire for the evening.

Day 11 - Move the van to a different campground. Mountain bike in the river valley, ending in town at a pub for beer and food. Major thunderstorm. Bike back to the campground. A & N arrive at our site. Visit over food and drinks and a campfire late into the night.

Day 12 - Drive to Edmonton. Check into the hotel. Ride bikes along the river valley in the afternoon. Meet S & D for drinks at a pub in the evening.

Day 13 - Drive to T*rtle [email protected], arriving for happy hour with Russell’s mother and step-father. Evening walk to the lake.

Day 14 - Sleep in. Late morning lake swim. Afternoon bike ride along ATV trails up the lake to a different beach. Bike over to an ice cream shack and petting farm. Family dinner. Evening paddle on the lake.

Day 15 - Morning golf (9 holes) with K & D. Family dominoes game (Mexican Train) and drinks for several hours in the afternoon. Evening boat ride on the lake. I drive a power boat for the first time.

Day 16 - Day trip from the cabin. Morning mountain biking at Brightsand Park. Afternoon paddle at Makwa Lake Park. Dinner back at the cabin with the family. Evening dice game.

Day 17 - Van has a flat tire. Spend the early morning dealing with this. Drive to Calgary. Upon arrival at the hotel, we realize that it’s Stampede week. Walk around downtown Calgary at night, going to the major party streets. Walk thru Cowboys, because I’d never been there.

Day 18 - Mountain biking in Kananaskis. I gain confidence and ride my first blue run since fracturing my wrist. Beers on a patio in Bragg Creek. Return in time for happy hour wine on the riverbank with A & N.

Day 19 - Check out of the hotel. Drive out to Foothills County. Attend a wedding on a large rural property. Russell is the MC. I drink a lot of cheap wine. I get asked why I don’t have kids. I am assumed to be younger than 40. We sleep in the van on the property.

Day 20 - Drive home. Major anxiety when approaching and gassing up in Revelstoke. Stop in Sicamous for a swim in the lake. Arrive home in time for a sunset beer on the deck.

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