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2002-04-06 @ 11:28 a.m.
Let it go.

Rain pitter patters outside. I wonder if it was raining like this when I was at Arts County? It's all a surreal dream, a string of memories.

It all started at a kegger in Gage. No, wait, it all started as I mixed the usual Nalgene bottle of juice and vodka at 10:30am. Class was unbearable. Two girls were drunk at the back, sipping from Nalgene bottles. One tottered out to go to the bathroom and nearly fell on the stairs. I left halfway through to hit the kegger; the prof was reading straight from the online note package.

Two memories from the kegger: Ryan seductively licking his lips at me (which is funny because I've known him since grade 1) and watching guys strip on the balconies of the other apartment towers. Oh ya, and pumping beer out of a keg located in their shower stall.

There was a line-up to get inside the stadium, and I dragged big sis to budge the line like 80% of the people were doing. Five minutes later we were being ID'd and frisked.

Destination #1: port-a-potties
Destination #2: beer tickets
Destination #3: beer

Note that all 3 destinations provided 20+ minute lineups. ARTS county fair. Maybe it should be SCIENCE county fair. You'd think after 11 years they'd realized that they need more people serving beer.

The beer line-up was treacherous. Gropey boys... umm which one of these boys has his hand up my shirt?? ARghh so squished I can't move to shove the groper away! The metal corraling fences creaked and sighed at the force of the people pushing from behind.

My next memory is looping the stadium tyring to find people while taking drinks from alternate fistfulls of beer. Left. Right. Man, that can't be healthy.

By that time the rain was coming down steadily.

Karen and I hadn't yet found anyone, so we pushed into the crowd for the Swollen Members. The pit was much different from regular alternative-type mosh pits. I thought I was going to die when we saw Hole at Edgefest a couple years ago. Suddenly we found ourselves in a clearing in the crowd. Uh oh. Violent body-hurling circle thingy. But when our focus caught up with us, we realized that one of the Swollen Members was in it. He got pushed into me, and I ended up with my hand on his yummy brown naked shoulder.

We stumbled out for air and finally found some people. Wandering around some more, and who should I spy but Massive Crush. Oh ya. He must have approachability genes because I never go talk to guys. Especially hot ones. He didn't remember my name from last week which confirms my suspicions that he is indeed a studly player.

"So do you live in Gage?" he asked.
"Nah, I did last year, but I moved. Are you in Gage?"
"Nope, I'm not engaged; I'm very much single."

Yup, he's got his lines very practiced. He knows the art. So I left to find people. It's just a crush. He could be a sweet guy, but I won't be the one to tame the player. We saw him later outside the campus bar, but I didn't bother to make eye contact. Just let it go. Let him go.

I never found my lab partner crush. Mission failed.

The sun went down. The Tea Party. We could see rain falling in the coloured stage lights, but it evaporated off the crowd before it landed.

In conclusion, a rather unmonumental ACF. At least nothing to cringe about the next day.

I called (ex)Chris when I got home to see if he'd made it out to the concert.

"I didn't get home from work 'til 7 then I had to go by class for a bit."

Ummm ya. I didn't know they held night classes on friday night, and you've always been drinking on friday nights... Liar. Liar. I just want to scream. Tell me you went on a date. Just TELL me. I'm strong; I can deal with it. Seriously, I'm strong. Just don't LIE to me, pretending I'm as stupid as the Barbies you've been dating. Disrespect. I just held my breath and said "OK, 'night." Let it go. He's forgotten who you are. Who you are to him. Just quietly let it go

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