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2002-04-26 @ 12:37 a.m.
Moving Out

I couldn't think of a more fulfilling day. In a few years I may laugh at this, but for now, it's good.

Worked a full 9 hr shift on the farm. My face tingles now with a flush of sunburn. Funny, I don't remember being out in the sun much, just hauling cedar shavings and feed between barns. They completely trust me to work alone. They describe what needs to be done and then say 'go to it!'. It's a challenge to finish what they tell you to do. Ya know, I care more about the work I was did today than any shift I ever did at the lab last work term. Gel runs backwards?? Eh, oh well. Chicks need to be vaccinated?? Yikes, we better get on it! Can we get it done this afternoon?

This is definitly a hint from my mind, my passions, about what I should be doing with my life. There is work that makes you excited and happy and satisfied. And it's not necessarily what you 'should do'.

So then I went to a volunteer reception. As soon as I entered the Victorian-decorated mansion, I realized I should have worn a skirt. The average age of volunteer was 65, mostly members of the Women's Facutly Club. I wandered out onto the huge stone steps to drink punch and to watch the ocean, looking over out to Lighthouse Park. And then this guy, the only other young person there, came up to me to chit-chat. It was rather fun mocking the old men with hair growing out of their ears and the man wearing a suit with running shoes. We scampered out of there after stealing some free food and our gift bags, and he proceeded to call home on his cell, "Hey, can you tell Mommy to come pick me up now?" Dude. Way to impress the girl.

Packing, sorting, recycling. My room is more boxes than floor space. It smells like damp cardboard.

To top the night, we went to see Amilie. If you've seen it, you'd understand.

Well, my last night in this room. The next few nights will be interesting, as I cannot actually move into the suite until Sunday. So, no telephone, no bed, no computer, no nothing for 2 nights. Good thing there's a house party on Saturday that I can crash at :)

In sorting through the 'paper' drawer, I came across looseleaf with doodles on it. I love Christopher scrawled over and over. Idly written while on the phone. I hope he's as happy as I am right now. I hope he's found his way.

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