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2002-05-03 @ 7:08 p.m.
Life is good.

This is it. These are the best days of my life. So cliched, but it's hard to imagine how things could get better. I'm hoping this isn't just one of those awesome weeks that is soon compensated with a horribly negative one. I've got faith that this happiness will last for the time I am living here. It's tempting to go to grad school soley to be able to live here longer.

Deuce slept in the curl of my knees last night. I've never had a cat fall asleep with me. The morning felt like mornings after sleeping with a boy. I smiled to myself at work much like I used to after waking up with a boyfriend. Cats are better than men. No question. Silent company. No issues. Just feeding and occasional snuggles.

One major prospect at work dropped the 'G' word today. She's in med school. And she works in the lab part time. Yeah, why did I even consider it? But oh man, he's got the combo of brain and body that I'm looking for. The lab is next to a casting studio. There is a constant stream of interestingly dressed characters and primped up models going past the windows. As we returned from coffee, the lost prospect noted "Those Magazine Girls coming out of that place are all so thin. It's scary." A completely spontaneous, honest comment.

Chatting with my sister about the lack of hot girls in the lab, she advised me, "You only see the hot chicks on Robson Street or at the clubs. It's where they go to validate themselves. In the real working world, they are rare." Particularly in highly academic research fields.

I signed up for the corporate softball team. It will be interesting seeing as I haven't played since early highschool years. My philosophy: being social with coworkers is absolutely key to job satisfaction.

The bus passed this Chinese diner called "Wong Kee". It really shouldn't make me laugh, but damn, it's hilarious.

And I painted my kitchen cabinets tonight. There is something about the scent of fresh paint that is completely nostalgic. Reminds me of home. Of Dad. Of pulling wallpaper off in giant strips. Of painting the bird house with a red roof.

These are simple times. Painting, gardening, reading. The internet has lost it's appeal, and television is a dull flat non-world. I feel so much healthier. My feelings of bulkiness have all but vanished, and my constant craving to true love has been averted to attainable goals. I was right about the city; it breeds sickness.

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