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2002-05-23 @ 10:47 p.m.
Night Weaving

It was 'Cowboy Day' at the casting studios today. I choose prime co-op slacker seating at the back of the boardroom where I got to watch studly wranger-dudded actors parade past on their way to auditions. Horray for 2-hr lab meetings.

Other than that, the calf was born. Name is pending. Sheep will be shorn on Saturday, and I get to fold 150 fleeces. Midterm completed (and most likely aced) for Basket-Weaving night course. Big Sister called to let me know that there's a letter at 'home-home' from the Econ Department. I'm thinking it's one of those recruiting letters, seeing as I did very well in that 100-level course. Too bad I'm 9 credits from my BSc.

I've been biking to work. 40 mins there, 45 mins back. The study-butt is not budging. My justification: if I can bike that far every day, I must be healthy. So what if I'm not model thin? Blah blah blah.

Saw "In the Bedroom". It gave me nightmares. Which shows how little TV and how few movies I watch.. not desensitized to the Hollywood media.

Oh ya, Basket-Weaving helped me to understand why I've dumped every boyfriend I've had. Social Exchange Theory. In my mind, the rewards of time spent with a boy are not worth the opportunity cost of sacraficing time alone. I value my time alone heavily. Perhaps more than the average male. Or, more likely, I'm just not that entertained with sex. The economy of relationships. Maybe I am in the wrong faculty.

(Oh boy. This is a special day. Check out this photo of yours truly. We were on a road trip. We pulled a 'u-ie' across the highway when we spotted it. Of course, I got to be in the dancing hotdog. As if I'd let this circulate the 'net with my face in details! :P)

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