Rooted, I used to think.

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Thursday, Nov. 07, 2002 @ 8:38 pm
My Heart

It's all quiet.

The rain shimmers down in the dark.

There's the pulse in my wrists, the flick of my blinking eyes.

I know where I am. I'm here. Alive. There is everything shining in freshly unfurled green ahead of me.

One blink and the darkness reveals his eyes. His voice is there too, and he's telling me to go away. I'm out of breath. I'm running. He's standing there, the water sheeting down his face and neck, the neck that I know holds my cheek so well. Questions ring out in the darkness. The truth answers before the questions fade.

There are no regrets in my mind. I leaped off a cliff for him. I leaped up into his heart, flowed through his veins, and we pulsed together.

Now my pulse is all my own.

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