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Sunday, Jan. 05, 2003 @ 9:19 am

I've found one use for the tool box so far. Pliers - useful for re-uncorking flat bottles of under-$10 sparkling rose wine for addition to appropriately classy tuna casserole.

This week has been busy... with... being social(?). I've discovered a part of me that seeks out human contact. Maybe I'm just finally getting lonely living by myself. Actually, I know that is it. I've been talking with my sister about moving into a place with her in May... or else into a house with the girl that grew up across the street from us (and her grad/med school friends).

So it's been a full week of movies with X, Y and Z. Drinks with 1, 2 and 3. Listening to her talk about him (lots). Driving back and forth across the city to sleep for some sweet nights in my own bed - where you wake up to a newspaper on the kitchen table and the robins in the cedar trees outside. Where the lady at the bank asks what you are up to these days, as she is the mom of a boy who was in your class from grade 1. Where trails lead down into the misty canyons, and all you can do is think about your feet and the roots and how you feel like but look nothing like Legolas. Where the sea breaks on the seawall, palm trees, BMWs, art, whimsy, food, colours.. everything.. so.. much.. home. I miss it more than I even knew.

Last night we watched the game at BP (go team) - oh so typical of how every night that ever was was. Then we headed down to the Trucker Bar for some good ole trailer park cougar stalking fun. You know you are at a quality place when they play Alabama in the middle of Nelly and that early 90's song that sounds just like the Mortal Kombat theme. Oh it sure was getting hot in there. I was baffled at the number of people with bad hair.

Only 24 hours left before classes start. I'm giddy. Last semester of undergrad. Maybe 1, 2 and 3 wouldn't be such bad people to go to Europe with... homesickness would be thwarted with them around... and, well, seeing as my set-ups for Tequila Boy have failed (snowboard shop dude is now the official b/f)... alas. I'm no Emma. But it would be fun to travel with a crush.

Streeetch. I'm going back to bed.

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