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Saturday, Feb. 01, 2003 @ 12:27 am
Cold Fusion


It's only midnight.

Yet, and yet. Wait, it was only 6 o'clock before. And I'm at the same place, no, a better place for sure. Two buck beers tops the night, no, live bands, jumping around to local punk rock. And Saskatchewan rock. Mighty good Saskatchewan rock that reminds me of.. the Welcome Back BBQ... and.. umm ... North Shore bands and Langley bands.. "Doesn't anybody know what a radio's for??!!" "Doesn't anybody know?"

It's been so long since I danced so hard. Science people.. "Hey weren't you in CSP?" Yeah, and you gradded on the 'shore too. I saw you one day when I cashiered on Marine. Small town, big city. Thumping bass, watching his fingers fly on the fretboard. Buzzing inside and out, everything vibrates, and I feel the warmth of the boy beside me leaning on me. "He was SO smiling at you!"

He was. I was laughing at him before 'cause he spilled his beer down his shirt.

But then before at the Pit, when she left to get her chicken fingers, this guy "Jason" came over from the other table and started talking to me. Perhaps THE most boring guy in the universe. OK, so maybe he just was just trying too hard. Still. Ugh. We left to escape him.

But then waaay before him, I ran into other people on campus - between classes. Invite. To an 80's style party! Oh yeah. Should be fun. He freakin' winked at me though. What's with that?? I'm absolutely NOT winking material. Bastard. Still invite to party means acceptance into that group. Which makes me really happy cause they are cool science nerdy people! Next saturday will be Safety Dance good times.

Winked. Ha.

Between the music and the wink was a drink and munchie fest compliments of the department. Mmmm beer. Paid for by my tuition fees. The cauliflower was good. Surprisingly. Even better was the beer. Hehe.

Oooh boy.

"Things have changed... he's not making time for me anymore."

"You slept with him last week, didn't you."


The game is over. OVER. So simple, the 22 year old guy is.


And my Mom is very opposed to gay relationships. I expected that reaction from dad, not from her. No, wait. She was the one telling me it was wrong to be with Chris because he was Korean. Small town life corrupted her early.

I'm done. See ya later aligator.

Mmmm Water..

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