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Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2003 @ 8:08 pm
1 Year Plus 12 Day Diary Anniversary

I recieved an invitation to my cousin's fiances stagette party.

I met her once before in the summer. My mother and sister are invited to the shower and stagette too. Apparently that's how Greek stagette parties go: every female attending the wedding is invited. It just feels strange. I don't know her at all.

The invitation is hand-addressed to "Channon".

My mother is furious with the whole situation. My sister is hoping her boyfriend will wisk her away on a Valentine's Weekend of Love to save her from the stagette.

I'm looking forward to it! Well, looking forward to the food... and analyzing the family that will soon be connected with ours.

Valentine's Day.

In class this afternoon, a couple in front of me was obscenely making out. His hand was up her shirt. The three guys to my right were making a tally of "ACE" girls - Ass Crack Exposed. Or so the list on the back of his notes read. The same three guys always sit in the same place (as I do too) and they share fruit every class. Apples, oranges... sometimes even a muffin. They have meticulous hair cuts and great bodies. One guy always has an ink stamp half worn off his hand.

I finally got some waterproof pants so that I don't get soaked through on the cycle across campus to class. Marks Work Wearhouse rubber pants.. I love you.

Midterm? OK. The girl beside me started eating a sandwich halfway into the 2-hour exam. And then she was slurping from her water bottle. I secretly rejoiced when she sat scribbling furiously with 10 seconds left.

Topping off this most entertaining day was a guest lecturer - a Lesbian Mother. I was completely fascinated. She was an amazing speaker - being a college lecturer probably has something to do with it. She brought out a copy of One Dad, Two Dads, Brown Dad, Blue Dads which was one subject of a series of book bannings in Surrey. She showed us the most 'vulgar' page: One blue dad is in bed and the other blue dad is walking into the bedroom with a tray of freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies.

Oh boy. You know what steaming chocolate chip cookies means!

One girl in the class expressed true disgust and disrespect towards the Mother though. She hounded her for correlation data between sexuality of parents and sexuality of children. The international-type waif beside me whispered to her girlfriend, "But gay men don't have sex!" She was dead serious. It was in reference to passing STDs and HIV. If only I could have seen her reaction after suggesting that there are alternate orifices.

A day that should have been so bad turned out highly entertaining.

(Heh. Surrey.)

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