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Thursday, Mar. 06, 2003 @ 11:50 pm

I knelt beside him, interminably, and we watched the ewe lick her triplets clean. I watched him gently lift the smallest lamb to help her to her feet. My breath formed clouds that mingled with his clouds, and as always we laughed.

Two years I've known him; we met while painting fences in preparation for the fall lambing. "He seems like a nice boy... and cute too," Mom advises after introducing them at the Festival in the fall.

I can see him right now, out in the B&B suite. He's leaning against the wall reading. I didn't invite him in for tea. Or rather the cheap wine that I'm drinking right now. Cheap. Sweet. Gift wine. It numbs good.

He was my grade 7/8 crush. I was so in love.

Sarah's mother called me last night and attempted to convert me to her religion. "It's OK to pray."

The third lamb is too weak. She's shivering out there right now.

I should have invited him in for tea. Damnit.

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