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Saturday, Aug. 16, 2003 @ 5:11 pm
(North) Vancouver

Well, I'm back in Vancouver.

The first few days were surreal. Strangely comfortable, familiar, but creepy. Very creepy. I went downtown to The Morrissey on Wednesday night and the city was in slow motion and empty. Isn't Wednesday an occasion enough to drink? It is in Europe.

In an attempt to rid the surreal feeling I've been jogging through the Capilano Canyon, biking up under the powerlines, walking the West Van seawall... finally today I hiked the Grind with Sarah and the last dregs of surrealism wore off. Sitting on our secret lookout roost the city was ours. From UBC out to the Olympic Peninsula.. to the Island.. out to the Valley.. and back to the Lions... "It looks so different from any European City. I love Vancouver, but I'm not IN love with it anymore."

Last night I went over to The Whip to see people from the Lab. After a couple pints of Sungod (oh how I've missed Sungod and Red Devil!) it was time to head off. G and I stood on the street corner for a while talking... "I'm glad you came out. You should call me when you get back from Saltspring." It sounds like I could have a job there after Thanksgiving... Do I want to go back and work there? Do I want to be seeing him every day? Can I resist him or will I get tangled up with him and his jerk-y ways?

Three days till Saltspring.

Blarney Stone tonight. You should come.

UBC ArtsCam, yesterday's sunset

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