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Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2003 @ 9:27 pm

So you see, I was troubled by my lack of patience with the seals for the last couple weeks. This frustration overflowed, tears too, from the blue-lined pools of the Centre, when I heard that Chris was working a long distance relationship with a girl at UVic. But I can overcome, as usual, and go beyond the pain to learn from it. Grow from it.

I had this brilliant (so obvious now) change of philosophy: each feeding is a chance to teach one more seal to feed himself. Everything changed from a chore to a game. Now I look forward to each feed. I didn't think I'd make it through to the end of the internship but I've proved to myself that I'm not a quitter. Challenge, challenge is what life is about. Self development. This last week has sped past and it's nearly my day off again. (I think an adventure to Victoria is in store)

One month has passed since I moved to this Island and now I relax and open up to the people here. Good times are being had, good friends are being made.

And I still really really love this island.?

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