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Friday, Jan. 09, 2004 @ 2:57 am
Drummers are like that.

Interview - Interesting. (I'm afraid to jinx it.) Grey pinstripe skirt, dusky nylons, black angora sweater. Rickety ladies frame bike, I'm careening down Main on the way to CuppaJoe, fuzzy grey scarf flapping in the wind, hair swept up and away. I think I catch every male eye on the sidewalk. It's funny. I like to bring Paris to Vancouver.

The old lab crew is there, of course, asking why I'm dressed. They kidnap me back to the lab and I sit at my old hood and smile mischievously at everyone walking by as they do double takes.

After work I demousify in the bathroom in the basement of the building. Creepy, lonely, washing my hair at 10:30pm in a cold white sink. Then to the Media Club for yet another show. Who's there? The drummer. He's forgetten about me though. Drummers are like that.

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