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Saturday, Jan. 17, 2004 @ 4:26 am
The Short of It

My back is to the speaker. Everything vibrates in my body, eyes closed, everything is the beat. Really good music, the crossovers smooth; you can't help but move.

The drama continues. Out on Abbott we're four in a door stoop, the circle of passing and the little smiles from people walking by. Dave. "I want to talk to you, sometime when I'm not wasted."

Back inside, the Lotus, neverending song and moving feet. Moving hips. Everything. And then it's all topsy turvy and he's saying fuck you and storming off. Like at the house party. All I did was say No. I'm allowed to say no.

"What's with him?" Jeff asks. Don't worry, I say, it's just me. Sorry. It's just me.

"I'll give you the short of it," Adrienne tells him, "He's still in love with her."

Long, short, beats quick, beats slow. Fast night, fast life. Slowly turning time, work and play. And play some more.

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