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Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2004 @ 11:09 pm
I Quit!

The energy from my static climaxed today, in a sort of quiet birthday cake sparkler kind of way. It happened when I was on the highway headed to the biking trails in the canyon. I pointed over the dashboard, expecting lightning bolts to blast the traffic into oblivion. Instead my phone rang.

The phone call explains my restlessness last night and why I felt the need to discuss what happened with the Cancer Agency job. Allow me to elucidate.

After my interview with the Agency, I never called to thank them for the interview. No thank-you notes, no follow-up calls, no communication whatsoever. I knew that I'd end up quitting the job August-ish and I didn't want to screw the Agency. The University? Sure, I don't mind screwing them. They make me polish floors at 9pm on Saturday nights.

A few weeks passed and I figured they hired someone else, discounted the job completely.

Today: ring ring {6 month contract, $2.50 more per hour, 4 day 40 hr work week, social workplace, technical work only - no janitorial duties}

Tomorrow: "I quit!"

Intuition, it's a remarkable thing, that extra sense.

I went up into the woods to do some long-overdue singletracking. Parking lots and playgrounds? That job really did suck my soul... now it's the wide-open spaces of optimism. It's the mindset that makes withered leaves fantastically beautiful, like butterflies with folded wings.

Seymour Powerlines

Folded Wings

I thank you for your finger crossing and all your kind words. It makes a difference, it really does.

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