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Saturday, May. 14, 2005 @ 9:43 am
Physical Tests

I tested my love.

I met Jeff after work and we got high down at the pond. We watched two drakes fight over a female - oh, the irony of our entertainment. He brought me mixed CDs (which I loved) and we talked on the porch all night.

I didn't need to kiss him or have him touch me. The relationship of Tim-a-thy and me is persistently strong. I give and give and give to him, so much it seems sometimes, and it comes back to me in such different ways.

He cut up honeydew for me, and I know that he put love into each bit, and it fills me with warmth and calm.

He is a healer like Adam. It unfolds before me, and I believe it. I believe.

Tomorrow at this time we will begin the West Coast Trail.

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