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Saturday, Apr. 25, 2009 @ 9:21 pm
Daily Life

Nearly every day, I meet up with this cat on my walk home from the bus stop. I've been calling her (?) Cookie. She now runs up to me when she sees me. I love other people's cats.

This is St Anne's Academy. I walk past this every day too. On sunny mornings it's more spectacular that it was on this particularly grey day.

This is my bus stop. It's strange: Victoria doesn't look anything like this except in this two block radius. The rest of the downtown city area is mostly low-rise heritage blocks.

Oh, squirrels. These are my second favourite part-time pets. If they would cuddle, they might move up ahead of stray cats.

Shooting stars, in the meadows around Beacon Hill Park. I remember seeing these in a west coast plant identification book and thinking that they were one of the most exotic flowers in the book. I now know were to predictably find them.

Camas. Also growing in the meadows in the park. The bulbs (tubers?) were a staple food for the people who lived here before us.

I let my hair dry naturally today, and this is what it did for me! I can't believe it. I always hated my hair. Not right now!!

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