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Thursday, Sept. 03, 2009 @ 7:59 am

On the 1st, as we were in the midst of painting our new place (living room and bedroom both needed updated colours... who paints walls stark white?), I noticed a new job posting for a tech here in town.

I proceeded to spend more than four hours finding my flash drive, the printer, and printer paper; and writing a cover letter. I agonized over the first line. What to say, when I have zero experience? Also, this is a town with more than 11% unemployment. What makes me different than the other 9000 unemployed people in town?

I finally finished, read it aloud to Daniel, and printed it off on nearly-ridiculously heavy letterhead paper. And then, I let it sit overnight.

I woke up yesterday morning, rolled over, and then my stomach clenched as I remembered that I was to go downtown to apply in person. Never done that before. I showered, fussed with my hair (Up? Yes, up is more professional), hummed and hawed over the glasses vs. contacts issue. Decided to do glasses. Also never done that before for a job interview. I put on my interview clothes (that I had been hauling across the country with me all summer, just in case) and noticed that the hem on my right pant leg was falling down. And I decided to leave it.

I then spent about 20 minutes trying to find my black mary janes. D eventually found them in the Pathfinder. Deep breath. Start Honda. Roll down window, kiss D goodbye.

I found the place fairly easily. I parked out front - the car is fairly sharp looking, definitely not a beater. I re-tucked in my shirt, adjusted my sweater, and walked in the front door.

I passed my resume to the girl at the front desk. She passed it off to another lady. She found a guy, and they looked it over quickly in the back room. They came out, invited me into a meeting room. I sat down, we chatted for less than 10 minutes.

And then they asked if I could start, 8:30 Tuesday morning.

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