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Saturday, Feb. 05, 2011 @ 12:14 pm
Feeling Better

I've worked a lot this week. Nearly 50 hours once I punch out for today. It's a way of coping, I guess, to immerse myself in things that do not involve very much social engagement.

The wrongs are still wrong and furthered wrong by avoidance and absent apologies. I have the ability to move on, but I will not forget. And I will not hesitate, when asked, to explain in factual detail the sequence of events that illustrate the magnitude of their dishonesty and deceit.

As a sort of therapy for our souls, Daniel invited a group of classmates over for dinner last night. They're a unique group - true to themselves, so young, and smart as all heck - and while I do not know them very well, there is a common thread of underdogness that supports mutual understanding. We barbequed a feast of kebabs, stuffed red peppers, and Tandoori white Chinook salmon. We stayed up too late, we drank too much, and we feel much better.

Here is where I am sitting right now.

Here is what I look out at for x hours per day.

And here is how I help myself feel better at work.

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