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Thursday, Feb. 28, 2019 @ 9:51 am
Settling In

"There is a very nice young Persian* man that I talk to occasionally at the gym. He is a programmer and works remotely, like you. I saw him today and told him that my daughter just moved home," says my mother as she serves me a plate of ribs, potatoes, and corn. "He also just moved back home."

I just moved home. Does this make me a bona fide Millennial? According to birth year, I'm on the cusp between Gen X and Millennial.

I set up my computer in the rec room** and am working from 'home' today.

It's odd to not have overwhelming emotions to write about.

The bouquet is down to three carnations, one dahlia, and salal. I'm curious what will happen when I toss the last piece of it into the compost bin.

*My mother always describes a person by their race/culture/origin.

**Gold shag carpet, fake wood panelling, seed catalogues, and a doll house.

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