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Friday, Oct. 25, 2019 @ 11:15 am
Your Number

I walk across the floor at the climbing gym, dodging dangling ropes and side-stepping around belayers and stray climbing shoes. I look up and see a familiar face.

“Martin, right?” I met him on Tuesday night.

“Yes! Shannon?”

“Yes! You’re good!”

We talk for a bit. He introduces me to his friend, who is busy tying himself into a rope. Martin is tall and lithe, rather young, with an easy lean. We talk briefly about our work - both in engineering. And then I leave to join back up with with Bre and Sam.


I hear him call my name out loudly across the gym. I turn quickly, surprised.

He comes running up to me.

“Can I get your number? I’d like to climb with you sometime.”


He messages me the next day.

I mention that I’m going climbing outside on the bluffs on the weekend.

He asks to join, detailing his gear and skills.

I stare at his message and don’t know what to do.

Did I just get asked out on a climbing date?

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