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The Floods - Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2021
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The Owl - Sunday, Nov. 07, 2021
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Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2021 @ 5:14 pm
The Floods

The theme of trauma and the ensuing resilience continues.

Swaths of empty shelves in the grocery store.

Gas stations closed for lack of fuel to sell.

Highways… gone? Vanished into a river and then eventually into the sea.

It is a privilege to feel fear in these moments. I rationalize the fear away, and as a result I fall into a heap of tears on the kitchen floor while putting away the groceries that I was able to obtain.

Living in a perpetual state of emergency.

Disease, fires, and now floods.

Future plans become undone. What is certain is the present, the things that are right in front of me. A nicely paying job. Russell. A warm, safe bed. The forest. The ocean.

For how long will those things be certain?

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