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Tuesday, Jan. 07, 2003 @ 10:26 pm
Everyday Day

Shift clink clank.

Flying high, like Miss S, only in such a different way. My wings are strong now, so strong. Each feather held in tight with super fast Glue of Confidence.

School alternates with work. Day here, day there. Work... amazingly refreshing... seeing everyone... feeling.. popular(?). Yes, I'm questioning many things, things that are surreal. The hellos, the how were your breaks. I know that I'm unusually happy and confident when I initiate conversations in the lab. When I tell about my life, tell a silly story to entertain them, tell a story to open the floor for another person's silly story. Sending slightly naughty emails to a certain former coworker fling. Eh, why not. Paperwork, so much paperwork, my new contract, my term report, printing off notes for class (sneaky me). Makin' MONEY. Actually, the money sucks. But scarily it's the most I've ever earned per hour.

"It's good to have you back. Nobody else smiles in this place."

Tried to see a movie tonight with the very certain someone I tried to set up Miss S with. Only now she's hopelessly (hopefully?) falling in love with the Dude. So it's back to him and me. Well, the movie was sold out. Star Trek was the only, and most definetly worst, other option. We loitered around for a while, awkward in us being alone together. We've always been group-friend-friends. I get this when returning another phone call: "JUST you and him? What's with that?" Ida know. He called. Nobody else wanted to see the gory-violent movie.

That's all. Put into verdana font, it looks so simple and short. How can this day, this stupid everyday day make me feel so good?

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