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Thursday, Nov. 13, 2003 @ 1:52 am
Not on TV

"Well you sure made yourself scarce that day!"

The day that Martha's film crew came. I sure did. It aired today. Turned out very well - we've already started getting phone calls about it. The Victoria news station was by a couple days ago to do an interview and I managed to escape from that filming too.

Sarah came to visit me for a couple nights. We did some hiking and some drinking and had some long late-night talks, reminiscing about Europe, thinking about the future.

I got an invite to the Lab's Christmas Party. I will go. And see him.

We went for Chinese tonight and my fortune said that the next month will be special. Or some other corny word. Works for me.

Time to clean my seal bite. Lute with Leukemia was a little fiesty tonight. And now his teeth prints will be in my forearm forever.

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