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Monday, Sept. 29, 2008 @ 7:24 pm
My Type

School is much more fun this time around, what with having actually made some friends. I usually sit with the same subgroup of people, but I can hold a conversation with most people in the class.

Last week I noticed a new guy, an 'older' guy. Older like me... even older. But not too old. I also noticed that he wasn't really talking with anyone; however, he didn't seem very shy. I also noticed that he was attractive, in the I-spend-time-in-the-woods and perhaps in the I-play-the-guitar kind of way. Tall. Lots of hair. Eye creases. My type.

Today, on a short break between classes, I decided to head outside to get some sun and eat my snack. A group of guys from my class were hacking, and My Type was standing off to the side, eating his snack. I walked straight up to him and completely unawkwardly introduced myself while extending my right hand. Wow! It was pretty slick.

He didn't seem to find it strange, in fact, it seemed like he knew that I was going to do this. He says, "Do you live in the Village? Because I saw you there yesterday... hauling your laundry."

GAH! He'd already noticed me!

I love things like this. I love it when there's a connection. It would be even better if we both weren't in relationships, but I still appreciate and enjoy all of this.

It turns out that he's applied for the vacant suite in my building. That would mean accelerated relationship development. But I'm not sure my landlord would take him as his first choice in tenant - there was a single middle-aged woman viewing the place too - a landlord's dream tenant.

I think that I'll go sit next to My Type tomorrow.

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