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Friday, Oct. 10, 2008 @ 10:14 pm

I have a lot of group projects this quarter at school. As you know, I am pretty much a super-motivated keener when it comes to school; however, I have one SUPER ANNOYING group member for two different projects. He tries to take control of things and designates people to do banal things like sample calcs when they aren't even required for the lab. I just checked my email and there are two emails from him since I left school at 4pm. Note that this is a LONG WEEKEND.

Daniel said to me, "It's people like that who get ahead in life. They're the guys who take the prints home to work on over the weekend: they're working for free." I'd rather make $10k less a year and actually enjoy my life, thanks. $10k less? Hahaha, I am living on not much more than $10k total per year, and I think that I'm living pretty good these days.

I am going to boycott my family's Thanksgiving this year. Daniel is sick (in bed right now), and I'm not interested in dealing with the ferries on a long weekend. I don't think that I've ever missed a Thanksgiving. Family dinners are all exactly the same - I know that that's "tradition", and I'm supposed to love it for its comforting routine... but I'm also annoyed that my parents have come to visit me on island only once since I moved here two years ago. I've made an effort to see them once a month - sometimes even more often - over the last two years, while juggling jobs and school. They're retired but just too darn busy to come visit.

Well, this weekend, I'm going to be just too darn busy with my knitting, going for crisp fall walks, and making lots of soup.

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