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Saturday, Sept. 12, 2009 @ 10:36 pm
Family History

This summer, I went to a small family reunion in my mother's hometown of Castlegar. My maternal family heritage is Doukhobor. While my mother sort of wishes that her heritage would disappear, I am greatly interested in it. My direct ancestors were not exactly strict in their Doukhoborness; however, I still feel a strong connection to their traditional way of life.

The morning before the reunion, I requested that we visit the impressive Doukhobor Village museum in Ootischenia. Daniel took this photo of my mother and me outside of the main building of the re-created settlement:

And while my family can make jokes and perform skits of the women pulling the plows, in my heart I attempt to understand the hardship that paves my family history. I honour them as I spend an evening canning applesauce. I honour them as I eat vegetarian meals. I honour them as I attempt to tread lightly and find beauty in every day that I live.

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