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Thursday, Nov. 08, 2012 @ 4:54 pm
Crush x2

Sooo.. my major crush from the PG office sent me an instant message today through our office link system. He goes, Hey Shannon, this is Steve from the P.G. office... (rest of message)

As if I would have forgotten who he was. Seriously.

And then at lunch (over sushi, of course) my YVR office crush announced that he is now single.

All this on the heels of my sleeping on the couch last night. And eating my potato pancakes alone in a huff in the car (it wasn't funny at the time). Because I was so.mad.at.Daniel. Infuriating rage. And then I drove to band practice with the dishes rattling around on the floor of the car.

We'll sort if out as usual, I'm sure. We have to fly to PG on the weekend to be with family, so we at least have to hold it together until then. I expect it will blow over, mostly by me giving in and letting it go.

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