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Mid-Summer Heat - Tuesday, Aug. 03, 2021
Confidence - Thursday, Jul. 29, 2021
Sam Lake - Monday, Jul. 26, 2021
Summer Trip #1 - Wednesday, Jul. 21, 2021
Disjointed - Monday, Jul. 05, 2021

Tuesday, Jun. 29, 2021 @ 2:08 pm
Heat Wave II

Morning light casts across my face, which is turned slightly to the side and upwards, while I fasten an earring (a fern frond, silver). My mouth is parted slightly in concentration.

I am struck with myself. She, there, in the mirror, radiates light. Her eyes, large, blue-green, and rounded. Her skin, soft, freckled, and naturally blushed at the cheeks with the heat. Her lips, pink and shimmering, softly framing straight, square, white teeth. Her chin tucked in just slightly, a delicate carriage. The entire effect is natural and captivating. Girl with a Pearl Earring.


One evening, he leans over and begins to kiss along my jawline.

Instead of reciprocating, as I have every other time, I allow him to continue. I do not push my insistent mouth towards his. I do not put any of my own words into this storyline.

He works towards my lips, and he kisses them so gently and carefully. I’d always been a bit disappointed in his shallow kisses; how have I never let him do it his way?

The experience is exquisite and makes me ache on the inside. His tenderness, a subtle but strong desire, a curious insistence. He writes a different story, and only now, this far into our relationship, am I finally allowing his words to fall across my body.


The ocean temperature rises. I swim out as far as I dare and dive down, searching for the bite of cold water.

The sun sets into a hazy horizon, and the landscape is cast in pastel hues of pink and orange.

I wring my hair into the sand, straighten my bikini bottoms (red) that were shifted by the tumultuous waves.

I walk home. Cyclists whirr past. A fledgling crow caws out to be fed. The croak of an overhead heron, flying towards the rookery.


Hazy, dreamy hot days.

Thick with love.

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